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Souhan was Sports Editor of his high school paper at Vianney in St. Louis. He wrote and edited for the Missourian at the University of Missouri, where he earned a journalism degree with an emphasis on American literature.

Souhan: Brady's success diminishes Belichick's 'greatest coach' title

Without Tom Brady as his quarterback, playoff success has been hard for Patriots coach Bill Belichick to find, including getting routed by Buffalo this weekend.

Souhan: Optimism overblown? Big Ten deals U hard dose of reality

For all of the nonconference promise and that notable victory at Michigan, the Gophers have become who we thought they were — likable, limited and 1-5 in the Big Ten.

Souhan: Wolves have the players — finally — but on-court presence, maturity still lacking

If this team can grow up, quickly, it could join the (short) list of most-likable squads in franchise history.

Souhan: 7 deadly sins? No, but Vikings must avoid these coaching-search myths

Here are seven examples of popular notions that could cost the Vikings a great coach — the next Mike Tomlin, perhaps — and why they're wrong.

Souhan: Vikings must look hard at undervalued market of Black leaders

Some of the many Black men in the NFL waiting for an opportunity deserve a long look at the team's GM and head coach openings.

Souhan: Now the awkward conversations begin for Vikings, Zimmer

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer didn't want to talk about his future after Sunday's 31-17 victory over the Bears. "Not my choice. Not my decision," he said.

One last question for the Vikings: Will they play hard?

The franchise has a lot of problems, but player effort and coaching intensity have not been among them.

Souhan: Big changes could make the Vikings more like Packers — or Bears

The Vikings' division rivals offer them glimpses of what they could become ... one way or another.

Souhan: Patrick Beverley trade was a steal for Wolves

The veteran guard is who Jimmy Butler was supposed to be: a leader who makes other players around him better.

Souhan: It's time for Wilfs to move on from Cousins, Zimmer, Spielman

Don't be afraid of a Vikings rebuild, even if it involves the quarterback, coach and general manager. Turnarounds can happen quickly in the NFL.